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EFMP & Me Tool Overview

About the tool - for service providers and leaders

Welcome to the EFMP & Me tool, a one-stop source of up-to-date information on the Exceptional Family Member Program and resources that will support military families with special needs. Whether you're a service provider assisting military families or a service leader guiding a service member to EFMP materials and resources, EFMP & Me gives you the information you need at your fingertips. Just click "Get Started" below or on the homepage.

About the Tool for Family and Service Members Content

How the EFMP & Me tool helps me

A collection of resources to share with those you support Save time and effort finding and sharing information with the clients you serve or the service members in your command. EFMP & Me equips you with tools and resources to help families as they get started with EFMP and continue in military life. Check out the podcast series, find updates in the eNewsletter, and discover a wealth of information on topics including medical, education, child care, deployment, PCS, family and community life and more.
Professional development Service providers, increase your knowledge through EFMP Family Support provider core competency training and additional training resources including Military Family Program courses and OneOp virtual learning events. Military leaders, use EFMP & Me to easily get up to speed on EFMP and as a go-to tool to find quick answers to share with your service members.
Get organized Find information you need in one location and use EFMP & Me to stay on top of the latest news and policy updates to help you assist the families you lead or serve.

How the tool works

Click to play the EFMP & Me introduction video.

Watch the video for a quick overview of the EFMP & Me tool and see how you can use the tool to locate the information you need or share information and resources with those you support.

What service providers and leaders are saying

"Most military sites are awful ... [EFMP & Me] was broken down very clearly." - Service Leader

"I would definitely recommend to all new people as almost like an onboarding initial resource site. And then for people more experienced as a site to refer to you every now and then for changes." - Service Provider

The EFMP & Me tool for service providers and leaders

The experience using the EFMP & Me tool is different when you choose the service provider or leader role. Service providers must log in to access targeted information to support military families with special needs. Service leaders can choose to create a login to save their progress and preferences. Creating a login account is private and the information you provide is not captured or used.

Check out what the EFMP & Me tool looks like when you choose to use it through the service member or family member roles: 

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