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About the Tool Introduction

About the Exceptional Family Member Program

Program Overview

About the Tool for Family and Service Members Content

How EFMP helps you

Take advantage of resources Connect with professionals who can collaborate with you to find the resources that work best for your family's needs. You can request a wealth of information and resources for your current or future duty location. Whether it is information and referral, non-clinical case management or PCS transition assistance, EFMP is here for you.
Build your support system You may have already started surrounding your family with a team of support professionals who may include counselors, medical professionals, advocates, education experts, support groups, other parents with special needs and more. Now you can add EFMP to your team! Create your team and help others build theirs.
Receive one-on-one support The EFMP Family Support office provides in-person support at your current location. They can answer questions, help you organize, provide introductions and referrals, help with non-clinical case management, provide PCS transition support, and much more. If virtual support works better for you, find online information and resources on Military OneSource, EFMP & Me and through Military OneSource special needs consultants who are just a phone call away.

Who does EFMP help?

EFMP is here to help you and your family member with special medical or educational needs. Perhaps they have a chronic medical condition, require ongoing services or have behavioral health concerns. Or they may need educational services through an Individualized Education Program or early intervention services through an Individualized Family Service Plan. Military spouses, children or dependent adults of any age can receive assistance through EFMP. In fact, if you are an active-duty service member, enrollment in EFMP is mandatory. But understand, enrollment doesn't negatively impact military careers.

When and how to enroll in EFMP

If your family member has a qualifying medical or educational need, you should enroll in EFMP. Check with your service for additional information about enrollment:


Need information or have questions? Contact EFMP Family Support.

Personalize the EFMP & Me tool for your family

Customize the EMFP & Me tool on Military OneSource to receive a checklist full of information and resources personalized for you and your family member with special needs. You don't need to create an account to use EFMP & Me, but if you do, your account is private, your personal info isn't captured and you can SAVE your checklists to update and use throughout your MilLife journey.

Creating an EFMP & Me account does NOT enroll you in the Exceptional Family Member Program.

Perspective Selection

Select a role that best describes you.

Interacting with this tool does not enroll you in EFMP.