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As a military leader, your first commitment is to mission success, but you also have responsibility for the welfare and advancement of the service members in your command.

When a service member has a family member with special medical or educational needs, the more you know about the EFMP the more you can help. EFMP & Me was designed to be your go-to tool to find the answers you need quickly. EFMP & Me links you to fact sheets, resources and contacts, talking points, FAQs and more, whenever and where ever you need them.

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Understanding the Exceptional Family Member Program
What is EFMP?

EFMP helps make sure the special medical and educational needs of military families with special needs are considered during the assignment process.

How does EFMP work?

The EFMP ensures the needs of the family are considered in the assignment process via coordination with the gaining location and through a warm hand-off between losing and gaining family support services, which includes strategies to alleviate some family stressors in order to improve performance, resilience and satisfaction with military life.

How does EFMP Family Support help?

Do you know all the services and supports available through EFMP? You can explore them here.

How can you support your service members in EFMP?

As a leader, you need to know about DOD programs that support your people.

Understanding Service Member Challenges
Finding Assistance to Overcome Challenges

A great first start for service members feeling overwhelmed is to schedule a Family Needs Assessment with an installation EFMP Family Support provider.

Resources for service members and their families
Share resources and information

Providing resources and information to service members in your command can help them more easily navigate EFMP. All the topics listed below have corresponding checklists on the service member and family member sections of the EFMP & Me tool. Point them to the tool to receive information tailored especially for them.

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